Vaclav Radl

Vaclav Radl was born on 22 March 1919 in Taus, Czechoslovakia. He was a Roman Catholic student when he was arrested and imprisoned in the Flossenbürg concentration camp on 24 March 1940. He was released from the camp on 11 December 1941.


This is a “Protective Custody” Order, dated 22 June 1940, from Gestapo headquarters in Berlin, 8 Prinz-Albrecht-Straße (Office IV C 2). It concerns Vaclav Radl, born on 22 March 1919 in Taus, a Roman Catholic student from the Protectorate. The reason given for his arrest was that according to political observations, his behaviour threatened the existence and security of the people and the state. Due to his hostile attitude towards the state, it was believed that he would misuse his liberty and engage in actions threatening the German state. At the end it says signed for Heydrich.


This is a copy of a confirmation for “Protective Custody”, dated 22 June 1940, from the Reich Security Main Office to the State Police regional headquarters in Prague. It orders “Protective Custody” for Radl which would be revied on 20 September 1940. It suggests that the Protective Custody order should give the following explanation for the arrest: “his hostile attitude towards the state, gives reason to believe that he would use his liberty to threaten the German state.” The imprisonment in the concentration camp Flossenbürg was approved. The document is signed for Heydrich.


This document from the Flossenbürg concentration camp concerns Vaclav Radl’s personal data. He was a Catholic student from the Protectorate who was born on 22 March 1919 in Taus. On 24 March 1940 he was arrested in his hometown of Taus. The reason stated for his arrest was the Affair Smudeck.


The release of Vaclav Radl was ordered on 5 December 1941, by the Reich Security Main Office to the Flossenbürg concentration camp. Radl is required to immediately contact the local office of the State Police when he arrives in his hometown. If he is not able to pay for transportation back home the state will pay for it. In case of medical approval Radl could be released.

On the back of the page, dated 11 December 1941, the release of Radl on 11 December 1941 is confirmed.


This declaration was made and signed by Vaclav Radl on 11 December 1941 in the Flossenbürg concentration camp. The declaration reads as follows:

“I, Radl, Vaclav, inmate in “protective custody” born on 22 March 1919 in Taus declare the following:

  1. I will never, neither in speech nor in writing, oppose the national socialist state.

  2. I report to the police authorities, as soon as I become aware of them, any actions against the current state, the NSDAP, or its subdivisions.

  3. I have neither caught any disease nor had any accident in the concentration camp Flossenbürg.

  4. I understand that I am not to speak about the facilities of the concentration camp.

  5. The objects which were taken from me during my arrest were returned to me.

  6. I cannot and will not make any claims for compensation.

  7. No pressure was exerted on me to sign this declaration.

  8. I understand that immediately following my arrival in Taus, I must report to the State Police regional headquarters in Prague.

Floßenbürg, 11 December 1941”