Jaroslav Rojt

Jaroslav Rojt was born on 14 March 1920 in Taus, Czechoslovakia. As a Roman Catholic student of agriculture, he was imprisoned in the Flossenbürg concentration camp from 24 March 1940 to 11 December 1941.



This “Protective Custody” Order from the Gestapo headquarters in Berlin, 8 Prinz-Albrecht-Straße (Office IV C 2) is dated 17 June 1940. It concerns Jaroslav Rojt, born on 14 March 1920 in Taus, a catholic student of agriculture from the Protectorate. The reason given for his arrest was that according to political observations, his behaviour threatened the existence and security of the people and the state. It was believed that he would misuse his liberty and engage in actions threatening the German state. At the end it says signed for Heydrich.

At least three copies of this report are known to exist.


The letter dated 17 June 1940, from the Reich Security Main Office confirms “protective custody” in the concentration camp Flossenbürg. “Protective Custody” is ordered and the custody examination date is stated 14 September 1940. The document is signed for Heydrich.


This letter dated 8 March 1941, was written by Jaroslav’s uncle Karl to the Flossenbürg concentration camp. In broken German he is pleading for help, trying to free his incarcerated nephew. He insists that his nephew is innocent, suggesting that Jaroslav’s attendance at a meeting, where he was arrested was due to someone’s bad influence. To support his cause the uncle lists the ranks of all “nationalist” relatives.


This letter, dated 10 March 1941, was sent from the command of the Flossenbürg concentration camp to Karl Rojt, Jaroslav’s uncle. The letter informs the uncle that his nephew is imprisoned in the concentration camp, that his release is not foreseen and that his nephew is well and healthy. To find out when his nephew will be released, he would have to contact the Secret State Police in Taus.


This receipt for two stamps for 0.12 Reichsmark (former German currency) is dated 10 March 1941 and was signed by Jaroslav Rojt.


Jaroslav Rojt letter to father 8 May 1941 copy

Jaroslav Rojt letter to father 8 May 1941 copy

On 8 May 1941, the command of the Flossenbürg concentration camp wrote to Augustin Rojt, Jaroslav’s father, stating that his letters (dated 8 April 1941 and 29 April 1941) have been forwarded to the Reich Security Main Office.


Jaroslav Rojt letter from father 24 November 1941 copy

Jaroslav Rojt letter from father 24 November 1941 copy

This letter is dated 24 November 1941, from Jaroslav Rojt’s father, Augustin, to the camp commander. He states that his son was arrested on 24 March 1940 and that he has been in the camp as inmate No. 1855 in Block No. 7 since that time. Because he was only allowed to take a few items when he was arrested, the father requests permission to send his son some things which he will need for the coming winter, such as socks, handkerchiefs, and winter clothing, as well as cigarettes and food. A handwritten note at the bottom of the letter indicates that Jaroslav Rojt had in his possession two pairs of socks and two sweaters.


In this letter, dated 2 December 1941, the command of the Flossenbürg concentration camp grants Jaroslav’s father permission to send clothing. He was permitted to send clothing (handkerchiefs and socks), except for winter clothing. It further says Jaroslav would not need the other items the father requested to send (food and cigarettes) because he would still have things of his own and would receive even more through deliveries.


This letter dated 6 December 1941, from Reich Security Main Office to the Flossenbürg concentration camp ordered the release of Jaroslav Rojt. Rojt is required to immediately contact the local office of the State Police when he arrives in his hometown. If he is not able to pay for transportation back home the state will pay for it. In case of medical approval Rojt could be released.

On the back of the page, dated 11 December 1941, the release of Rojt on 11 December 1941 is confirmed.


This declaration was made and signed by Jaroslav Rojt on 11 December 1941 in the Flossenbürg concentration camp. The declaration reads as follows:

“I, Rojt, Jaroslav, inmate in protective custody born on 13 March 1920 in Taus, resident of Taus, declare the following:

1)  I will never, neither in speech nor in writing, oppose the national socialist state.

2)  I report to the police authorities, as soon as I become aware of them, any actions against
the current state, the NSDAP, or its subdivisions.

3)  I have neither caught any disease nor had any accident in the concentration camp Flossenbürg.

4) I understand that I am not to speak about the facilities of the concentration camp.

5)  The objects which were taken from me during my arrest were returned to me.

6)  I cannot and will not make any claims for compensation.

7)  No pressure was exerted on me to sign this declaration.

8) I understand that immediately following my arrival in Taus, I must report to the State Police regional headquarters in Prague.