L'erreur de la "race"
et la Shoah

Naomi Kramer and Ronald Headland approach the universal issues that inevitably arise in discussing the Holocaust — evil, courage, human dignity, moral responsibility and the existential qualities of humankind — through individual experience. Consisting of two main parts, the book explores one individual’s experience during the Shoah and the historical context in which these experiences occurred. It includes a comprehensive historical summary of the Shoah and represents a succinct synopsis of existing secondary literature and primary sources. A bibliography and extensive glossary of terms relating to both Jewish life and the Shoah are included.

"Just when it seemed nothing new could be said about the Holocaust, Naomi Kramer has written a remarkable book full of compelling insights. Through the creative use of archival documents, survivors' accounts and historical studies, she has made a profound contribution to our understanding of the Shoah. This is a book at times moving, at times academic, but always riveting... This is a textual, wonderfully nuanced study that deserves a wide audience."
Irving Abella
"The Fallacy of Race and the Shoah achieves the almost impossible task of weaving together with judicious balance a highly personal story, a comprehensive historical analysis, and a coherent explanation of the Shoah. Written in a clear and precise style, the text is generously illustrated with archival documentation. Exquisitely presented, this book sets a new standard for Shoah testimonies. It reaches to the very core of this most inhuman but deeply personal experience."
Alain Goldschläger