10th Annual Holocaust Symposium


The Kleinmann Family Foundation presents the Tenth Annual Cegep Holocaust Symposium.

Vanier College, March 24-28, 2003 

During the week of March 24 through 28, 2003, Vanier College hosted the Tenth Annual Kleinmann Family Foundation Cegep Holocaust Symposium. Teachers brought their classes to more than twenty events, including survivors’ testimonies, academic lectures and film showings. See the complete schedule

The Carrefour hosted two displays, “Shared Sorrows: The Experiences of Jews and Gypsies” and a photography exhibit, “About Auschwitz”, by Vanier photography teacher Judith Lermer Crawley.

The Symposium organizers are grateful for the generous support of:

  • The Vanier College Teachers’ Association
  • Vanier College Faculty of Social Science
  • Vanier College Faculty of Commerce
  • Vanier College Faculty of Arts and Letters
  • Vanier College Faculty of Science and General Studies
  • Vanier College Foundation
  • Peter D. Kleinmann Memorial Scholarship Fund