The Symposium aims to educate Cégep students about the Holocaust and to sensitize them to the moral responsibility all people have towards one another. Through a wide variety of presentations, it offers students a deeper understanding of Holocaust history so that present and future generations, striving to build a humane and tolerant society for themselves and their children, will be better equipped to overcome the evils of racism and intolerance.

The 28th Annual Symposium on the Holocaust and Genocide, Our Duty of Memory and Witness, took place November 9-13, 2020 in an online format (https://www.vaniercollege.qc.ca/holocaust-genocide-symposium/annual-vanier-college-symposium-holocaust-genocide/). The Symposium was co-sponsored by The Holocaust Education and Genocide Prevention Foundation. The schedule included the following speakers:

Kyle Matthews, the Executive Director of the Montreal Institute for Genocide and Human Rights Studies (MIGS) at Concordia University will discuss Social media, Online Hate and Incitement to Violence

Eva Kuyper, Holocaust survivor born at the start of WW II in Warsaw, will speak on Hidden Children, Unknown Heroes

Moses Gashirabake, Foundation Genocide Education,Raoul Wallenberg Centre for Human Rights and Chair of the Rwandan Canadian Healing Centre.  Rwandan Genocide against the Tutsi

Dr. Raphael Cohen-Almagor has taught at universities in the United Kingdom, Israel and the United States, including Oxford, Jerusalem, UCLA, and Johns Hopkins and is the author of more than 250 publications. Freedom of Expression vs. Social Responsibility: Holocaust Denial in Canada

Tommy Schnurmacher, an award-winning broadcaster, author of a post-Holocaust memoir Make-up Tips from Auschwitz. How Vanity Saved My Mother’s LifeMemories of Mom and Mayhem

Dr. Matthias Becker, Centre for Research on Antisemitism (ZfA) at the Technical University in Berlin. Understanding Online Antisemitism: Towards a New Linguistic Approach

Dr. Barbara Perry, Ontario Tech University. Hate crimes in Canada

Allan Whitehorn, Royal Military College of Canada. Armenian Genocide

Heidi Berger is the founder and president of The Foundation for Genocide Education. She is also an award-winning film producer and professor of communications at Concordia University. Never Again: Honouring my mother’s legacy

Ben Bicher, (Holocaust survivor), was a Jewish child hidden in a Catholic orphanage in Belgium during the Holocaust. Surviving the Holocaust in a Catholic Orphanage

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