19th Annual Symposium on the Holocaust and Genocide

Vanier College and Kleinmann Family Foundation

April 16-20, 2012

Creativity and the Holocaust

Marlene Grossman, Vanier Coordinator:

“I am gratified to have been called upon to coordinate the 2012 Vanier College Symposium. The Symposium offers a unique opportunity for interdisciplinary teaching at Vanier. By virtue of the fact that it concentrates on the pernicious and complex nature of genocide it presents an opportunity to introduce and underscore the interconnectedness of; critical thinking, historical inquiry, and ethical principles.

Using primary source material (survivor testimony), student participation, visiting scholars, and community resources we seek a common ground which will encourage our students to perceive hatred as antithetical to the goals of education.”

Lauren Toutikian, Student, Vanier College, Communications Dept.