We proudly present the 23rd Annual Holocaust Education and Genocide Prevention Symposium at Vanier College!

The underlying aim of this programme is to inform young people about discrimination, racism, and genocide in their many manifestations, and to help them learn about history in order to avoid repeating mistakes of the past.

Eyewitness and first-hand accounts are often the best motivators to spark students into awareness, concern, and action. We are fortunate to have among us Holocaust survivors and righteous gentiles who will offer their personal testimonies. This year’s presenters also includes a number of young people involved in exposing post-Holocaust genocides in Cambodia, Darfur, and Rwanda.

One of the main strengths of the Symposium, is the way important lessons about ethical citizenship and moral courage find their way into the classroom. Participating students and teachers alike wrestle with these challenges in the context of their courses in psychology, sociology, English, Humanities, journalism, and history. The events of the Symposium take place in ongoing classes and are open to the public. The event is partnered by Vanier College and the Austrian Holocaust Memorial Service.

With more than 6,500 students representing close to 90 nationalities, Vanier College is the most culturally diverse Cegep in Quebec. Many of the students are first generation immigrants. The events of the symposium result in students being better able to link historical events to people’s lives as well as critically examining historical documents and to express intelligent and well supported arguments.