The Gedenkdienst (=Holocaust Memorial Service) is an alternative to Austria’s compulsory national military service. It was founded in 1992. Since 1998 it is part of the Austrian Service Abroad. Gedenkdieners (Holocaust memorial volunteers) representatives work at major Holocaust memorial institutions in 23 countries worldwide. The organization is interested in the causes and consequences of Nazism and offers support to its victims. Women have been allowed to participate in the programme since 2013. The Gedenkdienst and the Holocaust Education and Genocide Prevention Foundation began to work together in 1994.

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Florian Chen (2020/21)

Florian Chen is current Gedenkdiener at the HEGPF. He started his Gedenkdienst right after graduating high school, where he skipped 8th grade. Florian believes that we must try to truly understand the atrocities that happend during the Holocaust to ensure such a tragedy never happens again.

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Benjamin Weingartner (2020/21)

Gedenkdiener 2020 – 2021